The Maree Medical Company is established in 1989 in The Netherlands.
Since then we have been on the front side of development and innovation
of incontinence-products, mostly washable garments.
We are the proud importers of  3 major brands in incontinence wear, these
are Aichner®, Suprima® and Inotex®.
The last 2 years we have developed our own brand Maree®.
This range consists of  washable incontinence wear for children, men and women.
You can find it back on our website. 
As of  the year 2000 we are profiling ourselves on the internet, first in The Netherlands,
and now also for the rest of the world. 
Maree-Medical has always taken good care of their customers, and will continuing
doing so in the future.
This way you are certain that your order is in good hands. 
Maree-Medical only delivers quality materials, free of environment unfriendly
metals, skin-friendly and supple, wich will have a long lasting life. 
Ordering at Maree-Medical means :    
–    Discrete shipping in unmarked boxes
–   You get what you pay for.
–   Convenient payment by Credit-Cards