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Safety4Hips pants 1481

Safety4Hips pants 1481

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Safety4Hips pants 1481

  • Product info

* 58% cotton, 36 % Polyamid and 6 % Elastan
* Seamless
* Sewn-in visco-elastic protectors
* Day and night-system
 - High protection during activity
 - Very comfortable laying down
* Invisible because of flat protectors

Protectors – protection for falls
Hip protector briefs
Hip protector briefs

Risk of falls in old age

• especially the elderly are affected by bone loss
• the risk of a femoral neck fracture caused by a fall
 increases with age
• hip protectors can reduce the risk of a fracture
 from a fall

Material: viscoelastic soft foam

• advanced safety comfort protectors
• effective protection for the femoral neck in case of a fall


• wearing comfort and body protection function
 combined by the ergonomic design
• a lot of freedom of movement without pressure sores
 and chafe marks
• hardly noticeable due to low total weight
• can be worn day and night

Impact damping

• intelligent damping system reacts to different strains
• re-usability after falls: protector returns to its original
 state after removal of strain


• about one third of people over the age of 65 years falls
 at least once a year
• possible consequences of a fall can be femoral neck
• hip protectors can prevent fractures from falls

The compliance study

• target: information about the acceptance of
 viscoelastic hip protectors
• participants: 56 subjects between the age of 55 and
 101 years from six different institutions
• time frame: from 2-26-2008 to 09-19-2008


• participants’ overall wearing acceptance: 76,8%
• wearing acceptance of patients with dementia: 84,7%
• wearing time of participants that accepted the
 protectors: 65% during the day and 35% at night
• acceptance of viscoelastic hip protection systems
 can be classed as high