Incontinence Swimwear

Security....  even when swimming

The newly developed incontinence swimwear makes it possible for people with urine or feces-incontinence to still go swimming or have water-therapie.

From the outside there is no optic difference between these swimshorts and swimsuits and normal swimwear. The non-visible, built-in, protective briefs provide
the neccesary protection. The swimwear is designed to keep feces and urine away from the swimwater, this allowes you to keep up with the hygene-standards
in swimmingpools, providing you with much swimming pleasure.
These new series of clothing is developed in cose co-oporation withdifferent organisations en self-help groups.

Note :
Only when you choose the right size and a good adjusting of the elastics on the waist and legs there will be an optimal protection.
This is your choice and we give no warranty for that.