Credit card :
Just complete the ordering process, you will be routed to our secure payment-service.
Here you can enter the details of your credit card.
Please do not send us any credit card related information by normal e-mail because it's
not secure.
Pay in advance :
1 -   You can pay in advance by completing the ordering process.
      Just check the box " pay in advance " during the ordering process.
2 -   You'll receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail.
3 -   Use the ordering number on the confirmation e-mail for transferring your money
       to our bank.
4 -   Transfer the total amount ( that is including shipping costs ) to our bank using te
       next details :
Name to transfer to : Maree
Bank = ABN-AMRO Bank Netherland
IBAN = NL34ABNA0812426649
Your bank should be able to help you filling out the details.
When we receive your payment, we will ship the order.