4-Care Adult Onesies


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Patientware and onesies for use in homes for the handicapped and hospitals.
Mostly used for people who undress themselves or take off their
incontinence materials.
We can now offer you these state-of-the-art clothing at prices you
cannot begin to imagine.
The onesies on this page are all made of the finest cotton, are 
comfortable and warm and have a long life span.
The onesie with snaps in the crotch is also available in children sizes

 Onesie with buttons in crotch

 Onesie with buttons in crotch and shoulders

 Onesie with zippers and short legs

 Onesie with zipper in back and long legs

 Onesie zipper in back and crotch and short legs

 Onesie with snaps in crotch for children